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GES Group is an essential element in maintaining and strengthening the backbone of the power generation, industrial, manufacturing, and agri-structure of Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Established in 1977, Grants Electrical Services has grown and developed into GES Group, a leading Electrical and Mechanical Engineering business, serving customers throughout Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Currently employing over 100 staff, including many professionally trained and accredited Engineers, we respond quickly to Industry’s ever-changing demands and needs, while offering geographic coverage to many of our customers. Traditionally AC/DC motor rewind and re-manufacture specialists, we have developed our portfolio as a market leader to now provide an extensive range of technically advanced products and services.

It is the Group’s vision and aim to see the commercialisation of clean energy technologies and processes accelerated, with significant change brought about in the next 3-5 years, and growth and development delivered into 2030. The group are passionate and have set a clear objective to catalyse innovation in the supply of low carbon solutions, reducing costs and bringing new solutions to the market.

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We are the silent partner to Industry and the economy

Working with a wide variety of businesses and plant, from the smallest pumps to the largest pumping stations, from small milk parlours to the largest dairy processing facilities, ensuring all electrical and mechanical equipment required to keep infrastructure operational is available 365 days a year.

We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with customers

Providing power and energy solutions for small local businesses, as well as large multi-nationals across a diverse range of industries, such as: Plastic Manufacturers, AD Plants, Wind Farms, Food & Drink Manufacturers, Engineering Specialists, Ship & Aerospace Manufacturing, Water Treatment Facilities, Power Stations, etc.

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We provide essential support

The most basic plant and machinery, and the most advanced communication networking systems, all rely on electricity. If this is not available, the resulting power failure renders a business entirely un-operational. Today, almost all business functions are dependant on a steadfast and clean electrical supply – one that is well-designed, maintained, automated & controlled, energy efficient, and mechanically vibration-free.

At GES Group, we uniquely specialise in each of these aspects, which combine to build strong and reliable electrical and mechanical power systems. Using a holistic and full-circle approach, we provide for all of our customer needs in-house.

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