Dynamic Balancing

We have 3 specialist Avery Dynamic Balancing machines which allow us to balance at fixed and varying speeds, on rotors ranging from small special purpose up-to 4500KG and 2200mm diameter. IRD Balancing equipment can be used portably to balance on-site, where it is not practical or economical to move the unit to our Workshop.

With over 45 years’ experience, we offer services, such as:

What is Dynamic Balancing?

Dynamic Balancing – is the spinning of a rotor while connected to computer software to measure any unbalance, and then correcting any unbalance by adding or removing counterbalancing material. By means of simply moving the centre of gravity to the centre of rotation.
Vibration/unbalance can have a direct effect on bearing life. Once corrected the rotor will spin efficiently, and vibration will be reduced.

Without Dynamic and Static Balancing in Heavy Industrial machinery such as electric motors, generators, fan units and even hedge cutters can cause catastrophic failure including noise pollution.

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