Renewable Power

We specialise in

  • Wind Energy – Installation, Grid Connection, Re-manufacture and Maintenance
  • Biomass and Anaerobic Digestion – Installation M&E, Grid Connection and Preventative Maintenance
  • Industrial Solar Energy – Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Technologies, Installation and Connection
  • Hydro Power – Systems Installation, Connection and Maintenance Planning
  • Ambient Energy – Control and Installation of Systems

GES Group Services

  • Grid Connection and Management
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage Design and Fault Studies
  • Switchboard Design, Manufacture and Installation
  • Transformer Supply and Maintenance Systems Across the Network
  • Inspection, Testing and Certification
  • Independent Energy Audit and Surveys
  • Long-Term Energy Portfolio Design and Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Integration of Innovative Smart Energy Control Systems

Renewable power is a source of significant economic potential over the coming decade, that’s why we at GES Group strive to provide our clients with the most efficient products and services to meet the demand that our overloaded grid network is shouting out for.

GES Group can support a wide variety of renewable technologies, in-house within our own infrastructure, and we work closely with clients to agree and achieve specific “Green” strategic targets and objectives. We have expanded our strengths, expertise and unique abilities in recent years, enabling us to continually identify and build supply chain technologies, support opportunities and develop partnerships with like-minded professionals.

We have managed energy effectively for many of our internationally recognised clients through good planning, organising, commitment and understanding, through successful implementation of the agreed programme and by ensuring the relevant controls and monitoring are in place.

Find out how we provide the best solutions for our customers

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