In order to respond to the risk of pollution, industrial equipment containing hydrocarbons, such as electrical transformers, must be equipped with retention systems with a volume at least equal to the volume of hydrocarbons they contain: this is called total retention. At each stage of the transformer’s life cycle SANERGRID® offers a complete standard range of products according to your retention needs, for new or existing installations, for medium or high voltage, for indoor or outdoor use, for live or stored transformers, with fire protection cover or equipped with rainwater filtration systems.

MV/HV transformers will contain thousands of litres of transformer oil. A leak from the transformer could cause severe pollution in the surrounding landscape, for this reason to mitigate the risk of pollution/oil leak, these units must be fitted with a retention tank. As these units are primarily fitted outside, the tanks can become filled with rain water, to overcome the risk of an overflow the units must be fitted with a filtration system that allows the overflow of rainwater to be discarded while retaining the oil.

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