Energy Audits & Surveys

GES Group Services

  • Installation of Smart Meters and Controllers
  • Upgrades and System Maintenance
  • Replacement of Old Inefficient Systems
  • Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting
  • Distribution Upgrade
  • Motors and Drives Energy Upgrades
  • Reduction in Compressed Air Losses
  • Reduced Refrigeration Inefficiencies
  • Improved Lighting Design and Efficiency
  • Life Cycle Support Programmes
  • Use of PlantStruxure Software

At GES Group, we have a wide range of market-leading technologies available to map out your current situation and predicted savings, working with you to establish all possible targets, objectives and priorities to ensure you achieve your energy and cost-saving goals.

Energy surveys and audits are technical investigations of the flow and control of energy throughout a site, they are essential in improving energy management and performance, and can assist in identifying cost-effective energy reduction proposals. 

Specialist monitoring equipment is installed that records the real-time energy usage of the site and allows for trend analysis and reporting. The recorded data is also used to prove real-time energy savings following the installation of efficient systems. This process is carried out by our own in-house team of Inspection Engineers who are specially trained by the Schneider Electric Energy Team.

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