Series 30 + 40

Product Overview

S30 & S40 Range High efficiency aluminium motors Previously the IE3 efficiency requirement stopped at 375kW, this has now been increased to 1000kW. In addition to the efficiency level changes above, the following motor types have been introduced:

  • 8 pole speeds
  • brake motors
  • hazardous area motors: Ex ec, Ex tb, Ex tc, Ex db & Ex dc
  • Totally Enclosed Air Over motors
  • motors with duty cycles: S1, S3 ≥ 80%.


Please note: IE2 +VSD is no longer applicable.

Product Description

A high quality industrial standard range of electric motors with a specification suitable for most industrial applications.

Standard 3 phase, squirrel cage induction motors IP 55 protection, IC 411 cooling, class F insulation, B temperature rise IE3: Premium Efficiency Class


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