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Fire incident

There was a major incident in the early hours where 4 fire appliances responded to a fire at a local factory where the Main LV Switchboard caught fire due to a PFC failure.   The manner in which this major incident had been addressed was exemplary by all the GES team involved!!  Up to 20 engineers had been mobilised and worked late into the night to get the strip out work done.  With a big push to get the factory re-opened ASAP which would mean some long hours for the engineers.

  • Assessment
  • Create a safe system of work and RAMS
  • Safe isolation
  • Fault identification
  • Strip out
  • Design re-build
  • Implement re-build
  • Regrade fault protection scheme and co-ordination system.
  • Formulate a Site Acceptance Test
  • Comply to the Site Acceptance Test
  • Safe sign off and handover
  • Power restoration

All this was achieved in about 55hrs!!  In the initial assessment by the client, they had feared several weeks work before getting the power on.  GES have also recognised those employees not involved in the job directly, as they still have to keep the rest of the company functioning as well as filling the void left by those mobilised.

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